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OBS 18-22 Feb 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians

Our boys will be going for MOE-OBS from 18 to 22 Feb 2019. Our Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Alfred Nathan, has sent information pack and packing list to our boys via email yesterday. 
I am attaching the powerpoint slides and packing list for your information.

For those who are exempted from OBS will need to report to school daily. They will report to the school as per normal by 0725h and be dismissed at 1430h. They will be doing their self- study in the library, under supervision.

Thank you and God bless.

1. Reporting time on 18 Feb 2019 - by 7.25am. Gathering at Founder's Hall

2. Dismissal time on 22 Feb 2019 - there are 2 camp sites for our boys. We do not know their groupings as these are decided and arranged by OBS. They have been informed about their groupings and camp sites. They will be sent and brought back to SJI via chartered buses. 
The East Coast group - dismissal is 3.40pm and the Punggol group - dismissal is at 5.15pm.

3. Kindly note that the boys will not be allowed to carry their mobile phones during the OBS camp. For easier comms regarding pick up from school after the camp, we will advise the boys to sms or WhatsApp their parents when they are on the bus on the way back. 

Chua Patsy (SJI),
Feb 11, 2019, 3:06 PM
Chua Patsy (SJI),
Feb 11, 2019, 3:09 PM