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Promotion Criteria from Y3 to Y4

Based on Overall Academic Performance, attain:

(A)  At least a pass in English and 3 other subjects,

(B)  At least 50% in the overall performance of L1B5

         L1 – English

         B1 – Humanities, Geography or Literature

         B2 – Mathematics or Additional Mathematics

         B3 – Any one Science subject

         B4 and B5 - Best TWO from any of the remaining examinable subjects

         not used in B1 to B3, Mother Tongue Language or Higher Mother

         Tongue Language, Music, Art , 3rd Language, MSP / CSP

Mother Tongue and Higher Mother Tongue is considered as ONE subject.

Students who fail to achieve the minimum promotion criteria will be required to:

1. Transfer to Normal (Academic) stream, or

2. Repeat Year 3, or

3. Offered to do Supplementary Paper, subject to the decision made by the Exam Panel.

For student who are required to do the supplementary paper, he may be asked to forfeit his IE trip if it clashes with his supplementary paper.