2021 Y3 OP

Level Website

Dear Parents & Students of 2021 Year 3 OP Cohort,
Welcome to our Year 3 Level website.
This website is a platform to update parents on the programmes/activities that will take place for our Year 3 boys in the year 2021. We hope that with better communication, the school together with the parents are better able to support our boys to maximise their academic learning potential and to develop our boys into Men of Integrity and Men for Others. It is also our wish that there is an effective mode of communication between parents and class tutors for the development of our boys.
We welcome your valuable feedback anytime to better support your child's needs. Please feel free to provide us your suggestions.

Yours Sincerely,Chew Hui Fang(OPAM Y3 Head of Level)
Upcoming Events/Activities for Term 1
11 Jan: Release of 2020 O Level Result. Y3 students will be dismissed at 1.10pm. 15 Jan: TABA Day19 Jan: Paraliturgy5 Feb: Inaugural11 Feb: CNY Celebration12 Feb: CNY (Public Holiday)15 Feb: School Holiday6 Mar (Sat): Class Committee Training (Head Environment)12 Mar: Y3 Online Release of TA1 Results (originally 11 Mar)
Upcoming Events/Activities for Term 2

Term 2 Blended Learning Days: 24 Mar/ 7 April/ 21 April/ 5 May

T2W1: Y3HMTL taking Y4 Mid-Year Oral Exam

9 April: Y3 OP PTM (FT) & Parents' Briefing

30 April: Founder's Day

6 May: Y3 OP Common Test commences

20 - 27 May: Y3 OP EL Oral Exam

3 June: Y3 OP PTM (Subject Tutor)

5 - 27 June: June School Break