Y3 OP Term 1 Class Test Schedule

Y3 HMTL Term 2 Week 1 (Y4 MTL Mid-Year Oral Exam)

Please find the schedule and important note to students here.

Y3 OP Term 2 Common Test Schedule

2021 Year 3 Common Test Term 2 .pdf

Y3 EL Oral Examination (Updated 18 May)

Secondary 3 Oral Exam Schedule - updated 16 May_E-EXAMS.pdf

T3W3: Y3 HMTL [O Level MTL Oral Examination Schedule]

2021 MTL Oral Exam Schedule for Year 3 HMTL Students.pdf

Term 3 Week 6: Y3 MTL EYE Oral Examination

Please find the schedule and important information here.

Y3 OP Term 3 Common Test Schedule

2021 Yr 3 CT3 Schedule.pdf

Y3OP EYE Schedule

2021 Y3OP EYE Schedule.pdf