26 August 2021

Dear Year 3s,

The schedule for End-of Year Examination can be found under Assessment

27 July 2021

Dear Y3s,

Term 3 Week 6 Y3 MTL EYE Oral Examination information may be found under Assessment

25 June 2021

Dear Y3s,

Term 3 Timetable is ready and can be found in Timetable

2 June 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

The O Level MTL Oral Examination schedule is ready and can be found under Assessment.

22 May 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

The T2W10 and T2W11 FHBL timetable is out and can be accessed here. You will receive an email from me once the lesson brief is ready.

19 May 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

The lesson brief for Week 9 Is ready. You may find all information about Full HBL under the Full Home-based Learning Tab.

Thank you

16 May 2021

Dear Students and Parents

In light of the tightened precautionary measures due to the developing COVID-19 situation in Singapore, face-to-face classes at all Centres, including MOE Language Centre, will be suspended until the end of Term 2 in order to minimise inter-school mingling.

Home-Based Learning (HBL) for L2 and L3 students at MOELC

For sending schools with students offering Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay Special Programme, Malay Syllabus (B), Higher Malay, French, German, Japanese and Spanish at MOE Language Centre (Bishan & Newton)

Hence, lessons at the MOELC will be in Home-Based Learning (HBL) format from Mon 17 May to Fri 28 May 2021. Lessons will be delivered via HBL packages on the Student Learning Space (SLS) and enhanced through the use of teleconferencing.

MOELC teachers will be planning for live lessons and consultations via teleconferencing, during the students’ usual weekly scheduled day and time for lessons at the MOELC (i.e. 3.30pm - 6.45pm for secondary classes and 5.30pm to 7.30pm for JC classes).

Students will receive the instructions for HBL from their MOELC class teacher. Parents will also be updated via email by the MOELC teachers.

For sending schools with students offering NTIL at weekend centres.

Lessons for NTIL subjects at the various weekend centres will be suspended until the end of Term 2 in order to minimise inter-school mingling. Students are to receive further instructions from their NTIL teachers.

Thank you.

12 May 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

Year 3 English Oral Examination will take place from 20 to 27 May 2021. The schedule can be found under Assessment.

19 Apr 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

The slides to Y3 OP Parents' Briefing (9 April) can be found here. The FAQ is included in folder.

Thank you.

17 Apr 2021

Y3 OP Term 2 Common Test Schedule has been uploaded. It can be found in here.

29 Mar 2021

Dear Y3s and Parents,

Sharing with you the 'Welcome Back' speech by Fr Adrian Danker last Tuesday 23 March.

Indeed, let's make our day the best day possible. (",)

Item 1 2021 Term 2 Week 1 Principal address.mp4

12 Mar 2021

Online release of TA1 Results

To access the results, please use the following url:

Y3 OP PTM(FT) and Parents' Briefing

Registration form can be found here.

6 Mar 2021

Our Year 3 HMTL students will be taking the Y4 MTL Mid-Year Oral Exam in Term 2 Week 1. Important note to students can be accessed via 'Assessment'.

5 Mar 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

With reference to the school calendar, 12 March 2021 (Friday) is designated the Lasallian Formation Day, which is held in conjunction with Lasallian e-Learning Day.

On this day, students will not be required to report to school, but learning will continue through online lessons and activities.

Subject teachers have prepared online lessons and resources (discussion forum, quiz, videos, tutorials, assignments, learning packages, etc.) for students to access from home.

Students are to complete the planned e-Learning activities before the deadline given by the respective subject teachers.

General instructions for Lasallian e-Learning Day can be found on the respective level websites.

1.0 e-Learning Day Information & Instructions:

Students are advised to check your respective level websites for the Instructions and Resources Sheet and your SJI email accounts for up-to-date information leading up to e-Learning Day.

1.1 Level websites: Please refer to your respective level websites for e-Learning Day Information at

1.2a Instructions and Resources Sheet (Year 1-4): A summary (by Level and by Class) of the e-Learning instructions and resources for students will be disseminated via

the Instructions and Resources Sheet from Thursday, 12 March '20, 3.00pm onwards. This Google Spreadsheet contains the subjects which have uploaded

resources for students to work on during e-Learning Day. Students will have to access and complete all work stated in this Instructions and Resources Sheet

by the deadline given from your respective subject teachers. Please consult your respective subject teachers on the proposed deadline for work submission.

1.2b Instructions and Resources (Year 5-6): For Year 5 and Year 6 students: Please login to Managebac or Google Classroom, and instructions (by your subject teachers) are provided within.

Please approach your subject teacher(s) if you require further clarifications.

2.0 e-Learning Platforms

Students are advised to check with your subject teacher(s) which e-Learning platforms/online applications (e.g. Google Classroom, Student Learning Space (SLS), Managebac, Ace Learning, etc.)

you will be using during e-Learning Day, and ensure that you can log in to the relevant platforms/applications.

2.1 Student guide for Google Classroom is provided below for your reference.

Google Classroom:

Note: If your class is using Google Classroom, kindly ensure that you are able to log in to Google Classroom prior to e-Learning Day.

PDF Guide to access Google Classroom

2.2 Student guides for Student Learning Space (SLS) are provided below for your reference.

Student Learning Space:

Online SLS User Guide:

Online SLS User Guide for Students:

3.0 Technical Support

3.1 For SJI email account issues, please approach our system administrators in the ICT Office (Blk F2-7) to resolve the issues before Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 5:00 PM.

You may experience login/access issues during e-Learning Day if you do not resolve this earlier.

3.2 For learning management systems related issues (i.e. Managebac and SLS), please approach and/or email Mr. Angelo Agujo (, before Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 5:00 PM.

3.3 For issues with other platforms (e.g. Google Classroom, Ace Learning, etc.), please consult your subject teacher(s).

3.4 Students who do not have access to a computer/laptop at home can loan a school-owned laptop from the ICT Department on e-Learning Day.

However, as the number of school-owned laptops are limited, the availability of these laptops is on a first come first serve basis.

If you require to loan a school-owned laptop, please email your request to IT Care ( by Tuesday, 9 March '21, 3.00pm.

Collection of the laptop will be on Thursday, 11 March '21 between 12.00pm - 4.00pm.

Thank you and have a fruitful e-Learning Day on 12 March 2021.

5 Feb 2021

Updated TA1 Class Test Schedule has been uploaded.

2 Feb 2021

Inaugural Assembly on 5 Feb 2021

21 Jan 2021

Term 1 Class Tests dates have been uploaded. You may refer to them under 'Assessment' in useful link tab.

19 Jan 2021

We will conclude our TABA with Paraliturgy today.

11 Jan 2021

HUBS (Hair, Uniform, Belt and Badge, Shoes and socks) Check will be taking place tomorrow, please ensure all areas that needs to be rectified is done by 18 Jan Monday.

Parents will be notified should you fail to do so.

8 Jan 2021

Timetable is out

Dear Year 3s,

Term 1 Timetable is out, you may access it via 'Resources' tab on the level website.

7 Jan 2021

First Day of School 11 Jan 2021

Dear Year 3s,

Please report to class by 7.25am on Monday 11 Jan.

Your Form Tutor will take your attendance. (There is no need for you to do Safe Entry)

Start your year right! Do report with a proper haircut. Do also remember to bring your thermometer.

We look forward to seeing you in school. :)