10 Feb 2020 (Mon) - [Term 1, Week 6] 

Dear Parents and Students,

"Let's continue to take sensible precautions, help one another, stay calm, and carry on with our lives.." PM Lee

The celebration of Yuan Xiao Jie (Chap Go Meh) and Thaipusam, must have been muted, but it carried on, with measures in place and necessary precautions. It is apt that as we commemorate Total Defence Day on Monday, we keep in mind on the theme for 2020 - Our Unity is our StrengthTogether We Keep Singapore Strong. Let us work together, looking out for each other. 

SJI Updates:

Additionally, the following inforgraphic also serves to remind us on how we can all stay vigilant and safe in light of the situation.

20 Jan 2020 (Mon) - [Welcome to SJI Year 3 OPAM, 2020] 

Dear Parents, 

A very warm welcome to SJI Year 3. This Level Website is a platform for the school to update parents on the programmes / activities that your son will be involved in. The school hopes that with more open communication, the school together with the parents will be able to better support your son in maximizing his potential both in and outside the classroom. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop any of us an email. 
  • School Matters. Mr Chow Chong Wee, Head of Level 3 (OP) <chongcw@sji.edu.sg>
  • Academic Programme (OP). Ms Nevina Ho, Director of Academics (OPAM) <nevina@sji.edu.sg>
  • Sports & CCA. Mr Rene Loh, HOD (PE/CCA) <rene.loh@sji.edu.sg>
 It has been almost a month since the Y3s have joined the level and they are slowly beginning to settle in. In this period of observation, we have endeavored to both mentally and emotionally prepare the students for the upcoming O Level journey and for their two years in the programme.

We look forward to work together with the parents in journeying with the students through to 2021. 
Mr Chong Chow Wee
Head of Level, Year 3OP